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A house is not only built of logs, stone, posts, piers & Tiles, but a home is built of loving deeds that stand a thousand years..

Mr. Samir Shah - Co-Founder

We Don’t Only deliver Eye-Pleasing and Attractive Tiles but we also deliver Comfort, Easement, Happiness.

Mr. Samir Doshi - Co-Founder

Awesome Features

Elegant design
Easy to customize
Fast Delivery
High Defination
Unlimited Possibilities
Quality Assured
Quality Support
Well Documented

Retail Outlets

Easy to Fit
All our Tiles comes with pre-defined Fixed dimenions making it is easy to design the placement of tiles.
Quality Tested
Bathdecor has always been known for it’s quality, and we tend to provide the best quality in market.
Professional Support
Bathdecor is available for any type of support be it Design, Placement, Fitting or any other support.
Each of the Tiles has been tested rigorously, making it A1 in Durability.

BathDecor Provide Large variety of Tiles

The Look you dream, we deliver 

Wonderful group of people: helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. Bathdecor Team is phenomenal- always on top of it so that our project moved along smoothly. Team had great recommendations and understood what we were trying to accomplish.

Shubham Khandhar - 5D Digital Marketing

Awesome Outlook with great quality and most importantly the cutting edge of the tiles with amazing glow of the decor

Xinjog li - Chinese Ceramic President

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John Smith - European Market Leader